Monday, 21 August 2017


Some of you might know, some don't.. I'm not the tallest person. With 162cm tall it is nice to wear now and then heels that will make me taller. Thanks to Omoda I got the chance to find my new pair of favorite heels. 

I always like it when heels have a darker color, for example: black, dark blue or dark grey. I think it makes the heels elegant. Omoda launched a blog where they give you tips on how to walk in heels. Because admit.. It is always a struggle to walk on them and who doesn't prefer endless legs? 

When I found the perfect heels on Omoda I ordered them and a few days later they arrived at my home. Step one was finished: finding the perfect heels. Now the second challenge came: walking in heels. How smaller the heels how easier it is to walk. But that's a no for me. I prefer heels that are at least 10cm tall. 

I also have a view small tips on how to walk better in heels. My first tip is to buy the right size. When the heels are to small your feet will start hurting like crazy. When your heels are to wide you will slip when you're walking. Both won't make you walk better. My second tip and maybe the most important of them all: feel comfortable with who you are. When you feel good with who you are will do the trick. Be comfortable and show this. 

Always wanted to know how to walk properly on heels? This out this link on the website of Omoda: What is your favorite tip to walk in heels? 

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