Friday, 2 June 2017


As you all might know I’m a big fan of traveling and exploring the world. After my trips to London, Oslo, the Alps and Paris I almost forget how much my own country (The Netherlands) has to offer.

We all know the famous places in Amsterdam and Rotterdam but The Netherlands has more to offer. In a small place close to Utrecht you will find Kasteel Sterkenburg. Always wanted to be a princes for a few days? Don’t hesitate and visit this old castle that dates back to 1196. At this historical place you find a bed & breakfast. This would be really something for me!

Don’t feel like living as a princes and would you prefer a weekend in silence. Groupon has the perfect trip for you. They now have a silleneweekend at a church in Horssen. This weekend will give you the chance to relax, meditate and have a little me-time.

Are you a big fan of golf and don’t want to travel too far? You can know play golf in the South of Drenthe. In this Wellness and Golf Resort South Drenthe is a lot to do, but also will give you the chance to relax.

Are you more a fan of beaches and the blue sea? (I am!) Groupon know has something really cool: a surprise trip! They will take you on a 5- or 8-days all inclusive trip to an European beach destination! This all inclusive trip will include: your stay (hotel or an apartment), breakfast, lunch, diner, local drinks and a return flight! Yes yes yes!

The last one will have my preference but living in a castle like a princes sounds appealing to! For more information and to find the best deals check the Groupon website. What is your favourite destination from the four above? 

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